Thursday, January 1, 2015

NYE Club Report: EPCOT China

Arguably the best dance party at EPCOT last night was the one taking place outside China.
Tried to enter through the main courtyard but it was packed beyond expectations and the only movement was the dancing!  Had to go around!
Finding DJ Dominick Morrison on the platform!
Music was all EDM and the crowd was loving it!
Buena vista!
Dominick was the Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday night DJ at Mannequins!
And he currently spins a similar music format to last night every weekend downtown at club AERO (formerly Sky60)!
Regular smoke-belching from China's dragon added to the fun!
And dance club accessories you see only at Disney!


Anonymous said...

Dominick Morrison was simply amazing, best show yet and I have been to several of his NYE Epcot shows, we had a great time

KingBob said...

I agree. It was one big hit after another. Really enjoyed it too!

Anonymous said...

Dominick was usually the fill in DJ at Mannequins when Peapod and others were off. He was one of the resident DJs at Antigua and Vixen.