Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Explorers Club Reprises Adventurers Club

As much as we bemoaned the closure of Mannequins Dance Palace, the biggest outrage arising from the closure of the Pleasure Island clubs actually came from fans of The Adventurers Club.  To this day pretty much anything Disney announces pertaining to the revamp of Downtown Disney brings out cries to "Reopen the Adventurers Club!"  But since that is apparently not in the cards, AC fans need to check out the new show Explorers Club opening this weekend in downtown Orlando at Mad Cow Theater!
What is Explorers Club?  Peter Travis, Marketing Manager of Mad Cow Theater, tells Save Pleasure Island Blog that Explorers Club "is a play that is very much in the vein of The Adventurers Club, and has several actors in it who performed for years at The Adventurers Club." So the Blog is happy to post this event and suggest that AC fans give it a try!  The Orlando Sentinel did an article last weekend which you can find here.  And the Mad Cow Theater website has more details along with advance ticket purchase capabilities here.  The venue is located at 54 W. Church Street downtown.  And as they still say down on the Island, Kungaloosh!

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