Monday, January 12, 2015

Club Report: Galaxy Disco (MSC Divina)

My second cruise this weekend is on more of a traditional cruise ship, MSC Divina.  It is pictured here docked at Nassau, Bahamas.  She's only about a year old and beautiful both inside and out.
The dance club onboard is called Galaxy Disco and is located midship up in the "crows nest".
Checked it out last night when they opened at 11pm and found DJ Marco (I) in the booth!
Both the club and the dance floor filled quickly!
He opened with a half hour of Salsa and Reggaeton, then into 70's Disco and then back into Latin beats.  The only EDM embedded in there was DJ Snake & Lil John's Trap hit "Turn Down For What".  So I headed over to the party on the pool deck.
People were encouraged to wear white but since no one was warned in advance, not a lot of white being worn.
Here a music duo was playing mostly Top 40 hits & line dances.
Their enthusiasm was addictive to the crowd!
Fine looking group on hand out here at the pool!
And in both venues onboard, a good time was had by all!

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