Monday, December 1, 2014

PI Update: Secrets From The Guidemap

The Downtown Disney Guidemap series has a history of foretelling the future. Back in 2010, the Blog reported that the newest Guidemap no longer listed the "Celebrate Tonight" show even though Castmembers had yet to be informed that their show was being axed.  Early last year the Blog pointed out that the online Guidemap was missing Pollo Campero and sure enough, it's closing was subsequently announced!  So with the holiday edition of the Downtown Disney Guidemap released this past weekend, let's look at some of the changes made compared to the prior edition.
A-West Garage is now posted. Prior editions had "Coming Early 2015".
B- The No. 4 Bridge has returned to the map.  The BET Soundstage and Adventurers Club buildings have returned to West End Plaza and all the new buildings along Hill Street have been added. The prior map did not have the bridge and just green space on the western end of PI.
C- The Pleasure Island Water Taxi dock will no longer connect to Pleasure Island. Part of the PI bypass causeway will remain and connect to the dock located roughly in its current location. But it will connect near the balloon on the West Side, not to the Island.
D- The Hangar bar has been added.
E- The Boathouse complex has been added. It shows not only the outparcel out in Village Lake but also a series of docks built out in the water!
F- The so-called Motion corridor and buildings have been added.
G- The No. 2 Bridge has been removed from the map.  We expect this to return in the future but as construction shifts to the PI parking lot, it will soon close.
H- The Pleasure Island parking lot (Parking E,F,G) has been removed. With the West Garage now open, this is expected to close soon but we'll see if they actually wait until after the holidays to do this.

Want to peer into the future?  Check the Downtown Disney Guidemap! (BTW, bonus points to Disney for keeping Santa on the cover of the Guidemap.)


Anonymous said...

So does that mean the Boathouse will eventually be the new dock for the Landing section? Surely, the temp dock is not going to stick around much longer.

KingBob said...

No, there is no indication that the Water Taxi service will service The Boathouse restaurant.