Thursday, December 18, 2014

PI Update: Mommy I Gotta Pee!

Located next to BET Soundstage Club, the bathrooms in the pale green building remained open after the clubs were shuttered but with the closing of Hill Street and the No. 4 Bridge a few months ago, the bathrooms closed too.
Although Hill Street and the No. 4 Bridge have reopened, these bathrooms have not and they're now behind demolition walls.  Disney Springs concept art does not show this building remaining either so we expect it to be razed soon.
So where to pee when you're on the Island?  Brand new restrooms have opened nearthe new upscale STK Orlando steakhouse that is going in at West End Plaza.
The restaurant isn't open yet but the bathrooms are. But this can't be the permanent solution because I doubt that an upscale steakhouse wants hundreds of non-customers milling about its front door to use bathrooms. Unless of course the restaurant is back behind the restrooms with the main entrance elsewhere.  (By the way, the lounge in STK Orlando will have DJ music!)
Further east on the Island, newly renovated public restrooms have opened in a corridor to the right of that planter near the so-called Motion corridor.  These are actually built into the Raglan Road building and were operational until about a year ago.  They've since been thoroughly gutted and refurbished and are now open for your business.


Belle said...

Those last restrooms have very Edisonesque light bulbs in the ladies room.

KingBob said...

Belle, thank you for your bathroom report!

Jeff - Gainesville said...

Is the steak house to the left of the restrooms in the fourth photo or are you saying the entrance to the restaurant will be there where the building is with the circular front?

KingBob said...

Jeff, you bring up a good point. The red building that looks like a train station might be restrooms only with that currently "open" building behind it the restaurant. So maybe the entrance to the restaurant is back behind on the Island's lower level. I don't see much of an upstairs entrance unless it's there with the restrooms.

Jeff - Gainesville said...

Yeah, it's hard to say at this point with all of that work still going on at the "springs" side.