Saturday, November 1, 2014

Pleasure Island vs CityWalk

Began my Friday night out at beautiful Pleasure Island where the last remaining arch sign is no longer lit.
The new Waterview Stage was open for the first time last night!
Nicholas Marks and his gypsy guitar was on the stage when I arrived.
It wasn't particularly crowded on this chilly evening but we finally got to see up close how Waterview Park, as it's being called, operates.
After the clubs closed and after Celebrate Tonight got cancelled, PI brought on live entertainment performing on the Green and Purple Stages at West End Plaza and Nicholas Marks was one of the originals.
The Andre Caram Band (ft. Drey-C) was up next and they performed a set of Pop hits.
A little bit bigger crowd was watching their performance.
The female backup singers are not part of the show at this time and the set I heard was not as "high energy" as how they used to perform at West End Plaza.  They would draw some large crowds with that format.
They still attract the teenage girls though.  Monday on Save Pleasure Island Blog we show you the other changes on the Island.
Great thing about living in Orlando is that you can visit Pleasure Island and CityWalk all in one night!
DJ Chino is the new resident on Friday nights at The Groove.
The music was 90% Hip Hop though.
It was crowded but not supercrowded.
There was a 3-song set of EDM during my visit but otherwise it was all Hip Hop.
But you can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
Also dropped in on CityWalk's Rising Star, where Karaoke is sung to music provided by a live band and includes your own back up dancers!
Spotted:  In the DJ booth and playing EDM between Karaoke sets, DJ Bacardi! At both Pleasure Island and CityWalk last night, it looked like a good time was being had by all!


Jeff - Gainesville said...

Nice view of the West Side from the new Waterview Park!

Anonymous said...

Chino has always had deep ties to Hip Hop so why bring him into the Groove on Friday nights?

Save Pleasure Island said...

Jeff, nice view comes from the curve in DTD. Anon, Friday's are Hip Hop nights and Saturdays more EDM.

Anonymous said...

Electromagic decision