Tuesday, November 18, 2014

PI Update: A Walk Up Hill Street

A beautiful sunny morning on beautiful Pleasure IslandMannequins ain't what it used to be, that's for sure!
Extensive work being done adjacent the newly constructed building where Apricot Lane / Changing Attitudes and PI Live Bar used to stand.  At one time this corner was known as The Hub.

New concept art is posted showing the view from the new Waterview Park back towards The Hub.

Walking west up Hill Street past Paradiso 37.  This pathway is currently blocked by construction walls but we're told it's supposed to reopen by Thanksgiving, crossing the railroad-themed West End Plaza to the No. 4 Bridge to the West Side. Once this pathway reopens, it will allow the temporary Pleasure Island Bypass causeway to be dismantled.

To the left, forward we have the new retail building that's in the area where the old Curl by Sammy Duval store used to stand.  To the rear, supposedly the new upscale steak house.

Supposedly a flip-flop store is one of the tenants going in here.

To the right rear, new construction walls going in prior to the path reopening, to block off AC and BET.
Looking through windows, no activity yet inside Adventurers Club or BET Soundstage.  Interestingly, notice the 3 high pitched roof sections at Soundstage.
That look is repeated in the new retail building that abuts Mannequins.

Outside Adventurers Club, an opening has been dug down to Pleasure Island's lower level.

A view of that lower level as seen between Paradiso 37 and Adventurers Club.  Maybe this is the location of the rumored "The Tunnels" project.
Newly posted concept art looks back east down Hill Street with Paradiso 37 on the left and the new retail outlets along the right.  Lots happening on beautiful Pleasure Island!  Tomorrow we take another look at the West Parking Garage.
On the southern end of the Island, work has begun on widening the canal between Pleasure Island and what was the Pleasure Island parking lot.  This will be the home to the "springs" that make up Disney Springs name.  The No. 2 Bridge near Mannequins pictured at the rear will temporarily close too.
This has necessitated the closing of the pathway that used to travel along the side of the Raglan Road complex.  The only way to Cookes of Dublin is for now from this direction near Fulton's and the Lily Pad.

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