Monday, November 3, 2014

PI Update: New Motion Corridor Is Open

Here's some more pictures from our Friday night visit to beautiful Pleasure Island.  At Mannequins, an additional area is now blocked off between the old entrance and the new construction taking place where Changing Attitudes / Orlando Harley / Apricot Lane used to stand.  Lots of 2am memories on those benches!
Between Mannequins and Raglan Road, new temporary ramps carry pedestrians to the higher level that represents the former Hub.
As you climb, a look to the left shows you the new shops going into the area across Hill Street from Paradiso 37.  While plans for the landing show this to be a single venue, interior walls and multiple entrances seem to indicate these will be separate stores.
At this time you can go left towards Paradiso, straight ahead onto the Pleasure Island bypass causeway or turn right (as shown above) into the new Waterview Park.  It's here that you'll find the new entertainment amphitheater known as the Waterview Stage.
As you head in, the stage is to your left but here on your right is unknown future shopping.
And after all these years, you can now go forward and make the big turn to the right past The Boathouse and head towards The Lily Pad and Downtown Disney Marketplace.
Looking back at that new shopping venue shown in the two photos above.
This new cut-through is open even though none of the shops are.  This is the former service court for Raglan Road and PortobelloThe Blog will call this the Motion Corridor because dance club Motion gave its life for this. DTD management long wanted a pedestrian passageway through here but Motion, located roughly here, stood in the way.
Another venue located further down on the right, directly adjacent Cookes of Dublin.
Entertainment has returned to the Lily Pad.  Who says there's no dancing on Pleasure Island!
Leaving the Lily Pad fun and returning back towards the Motion Corridor.  About half the pedestrians were walking in this direction while the other half were headed via the old pathway towards Mannequins.
If you walk via the Motion Corridor you come up on The massive Boathouse complex.
The tower portion of The Boathouse.  And this brings you back to the Waterview Park as well.


Anonymous said...

Walked through yesterday. Really dull without shops open.

KingBob said...

True, but I think we'll see some tenants begin to appear by Spring.

Anonymous said...

It's pretty pathetic, that there isn't going to be any adult nightlife at P.I. after 10:00pm.
Guess me and my friends will have to head to City Walk for nightlife and fun over there.
P.S. I guess you people didn't
smell the coffee burning after all.