Thursday, November 13, 2014

PI Update: Construction Moves Rapidly

Follow us beautiful Pleasure Island.
The massive Pleasure Island sign was removed earlier this year and one would have expected a Disney Springs sign up here.  Instead we get a Springs Bottling Co. sign atop Mannequins.
Yet this is going to be an Asian restaurant?
The Hangar bar is now going up on the platform extended out over Village Lake.  Did you hear that Village Lake is going to be renamed Lake Buena Vista even though a lake by that name already exists on the north side of Hotel Plaza Blvd?
West face view of The Hangar.
East face view of The Hangar.
The Boathouse restaurant continues to rise rapidly.
Looks to have more than one level but not really sure.
SkyCam view of The Boathouse.
As we previously reported, the so called Motion Corridor is now open through the old service court between Raglan Road and Portobello.  Actually, this is the only way to the Marketplace for now because.....
.....the way by Raglan Road / Cookes of Dublin is blocked for construction.
As we previously reported, Waterview Park and Waterview Stage are official names for this area.

Ground view of the park.
Moving  back to the other side of the Island, the former West End Plaza aka Celebration Plaza.
The train theme continues here from the West Side's Highline tracks and apparently Adventurers Club will be a train-themed restaurant.
Facing the plaza, apparently the new steak restaurant roughly between where Comedy Warehouse and Laffers Cantina used to stand.
New shopping options across from AC and Paradiso.  The building on the left is new construction abutting 8TRAX while the building on the right, also new construction, is where Curl used to stand.
Ground view of those two structures along Hill Street.  This passageway and the No. 4 Bridge are supposed to reopen before Thanksgiving.
The shops that abut the Mannequins building.  I've read that The Landing, the new name for Pleasure Island, will open with 7 restaurants and 12 retail locations.
Ground view of the shops beside Mannequins.
Quickly, let's take a look at the Food Truck Park which we now know will be called Exposition Park.  The new name allows for use of the area when the food trucks are not there.
Which I expect will be often.


Anonymous said...

looks like one of the outlet malls!

bob said...

Hate the theming so far. Maybe the finishing touches will age the buildings/theming a bit, but right now it just looks like a brand new mall trying to look old.

That sign just looks terrible surrounded by all the new looking buildings.

Anonymous said...

Surprised to see a few new steps in there. The Stroller/ECV crowd won't like that.

Daisy said...

Our last sliver of hope is the moratorium on staying open till 2am. NIGHT LIFE bestill my heart!

KingBob said...

Anon at 12:12pm, let's wait until it's open to judge. It's gonna have an amazing flip flop store, I hear.

Bob, agree that the sign is hard to read during the day. I've not been there at night to see if it's lit yet.

Anon at 6:27pm, anyplace with steps also has ADA compliant ramps.

Daisy, appreciate all the years you've been following this journey with us.

Belle said...

Google maps says the lake north of Hotel Plaza Blvd is Blake Lake?

Thanks for the photos!

KingBob said...

Thanks, Belle! It sure does. But on Mapquest it still shows that lake as Lake Buena Vista. And on it shows it as Lake Buena Vista. Interesting!