Thursday, November 27, 2014

PI Update: Bridge No. 4 Reopens

As promised for the holidays, the No. 4 Bridge from Downtown Disney West Side to Pleasure Island reopened today as shown in this file photo.
Construction walls line both sides and block off all the new buildings built there during the past year to the south, and block off BET Soundstage and Adventurers Club to the north. Everything remains closed until you get to Paradiso 37 which of course is still open.
With the original route now open, we should see the demolition of the pedestrian bypass causeway unless it's needed later for the BET and AC renovations.


Munchies said...

I was at DTD yesterday the bypass is still open. Garage had 4 levels open. But getting in there was a hot mess.

KingBob said...

Munchies: I was there Saturday and traffic was backed up because too many still trying to get into the PI parking lot instead of using the garage. Then, at the garage, one has to go through the garage to get to the ramps to get you up to where spaces were open. I'm sure it will improve as they open more areas.