Saturday, November 15, 2014

DTD Update: Pillars & Ramps

Returning on this 80-degree day to Downtown Disney to check on the new West Garage.
Nothing gets Car Park fans more excited than ramps!
Near the AMC Theaters, escalators can carry garage patrons to/from the second level above the traffic.
The eastern section of the garage.
The center section.
And the western section.  Notice the pillars outside the garage along Buena Vista Drive.
Appears that some of the pillars will support the overpass above BVD.
Bringing traffic directly into the garage via the new roadway coming off the ramp from westbound I-4 onto EPCOT Center Blvd.  The woods have been cleared to fit the new roadway.  Come out and see it all for yourself!


Shawn Tucker said...

I'm ready to finally use that sucker! Thanks for the update!

KingBob said...

Sure thing, Shawn. Send photos!

KingBob said...

Garage opens to the public on Thursday, November 20th.