Friday, November 21, 2014

DTD Update: New Parking Garage Opens

The first parking garage at Downtown Disney opened yesterday to the general public, creating much-needed parking just in time for the holiday season.  Entry off Buena Vista Drive was from the east side of the garage while the garage exit (pictured above) was on the west side.  Public parking on this first day was limited to the ground floor while cast members could park on the second floor.
Really beautiful etched metallic look in the corner by DisneyQuest.
New concept art displayed near Mannequins has the No. 4 Bridge in the background so this is a look at the former West End Plaza with the railroad turntable within the brickwork on the ground there and the Adventurers Club/BET Soundstage building to the right.
Downtown Disney is all decorated-up for the holidays.  Come check it all out!  Parking headaches should largely be a thing of the past.


Anonymous said...

Nothing of Mannequins in the daylight though??

KingBob said...

Yes....will post at 3pm today!