Saturday, November 22, 2014

DTD Update: More Car Park Pictures

Downtown Disney parking woes solved!  The West Garage is open for business!
There was speculation that each floor would have its own color but that is not the case.  The West Garage is also known as the Orange Garage and all levels are orange.  Apparently the East Garage will have a different color scheme.  Also, although you can't see it in this photo, these signs by the elevator are designed to peel off the top layer which currently direct guests to the 1st Floor to go to Downtown Disney.  Under the peel-away layer, one can faintly see guests directed to the 2nd floor to go to Disney Springs.  Once the name change is made, they can simply peel off the top layer.
There are escalators within the complex too.
Eventually guests will be encouraged to use this second floor overpass to the entryway near AMC & Planet Hollywood although apparently it will still be possible to cross on the ground level too.
Each parking space has a light which will be green when the space is open and red when the space is occupied.  These were not operational during yesterday's visit when they just continuously alternated between the two colors.
Nothing gets car park fans more excited than ramps!
These obviously are not open yet.  They will connect to the new DTD access road coming off the ramp from westbound I-4.  Come out and see it all for yourself!


Jeff - Gainesville said...

I notice you are still defiant in calling it Disney Springs, electing still to refer to it as DTD. Such insubordination won't be tolerated much longer!! Thanks for the update. Can't wait to see it up close...

KingBob said...

Jeff, I still call Willis Tower "Sears Tower" too.

But actually, it still is Downtown Disney. The name has not changed yet and won't for some time.