Saturday, October 18, 2014

Concert Report: DJ Porter Robinson (House Of Blues)

Lots of great memories when you head out to Downtown Disney at night!
House of Blues on a Friday night and finding DJ Giraffage (USA) on the stage mixing up a set of Electrohouse and Dubstep!
The club was already packed!
Everyone here to see DJ Porter Robinson (USA), coming on around 10:10pm.
Advertised as a "live show" versus a "DJ set".
Everyone taking pictures!
Playing the keyboards to a lot of his songs.
Foggy bottom!
Looking up!
Looking down!
This is what Porter's email said after I purchased my ticket:  I'm probably not supposed to tell you this in this email, but here's some things i want you to know:
p1. this is my live show! it's pretty different from my DJ set. i promise it will be exciting and fun. this is exactly the show i want to be doing and i've been looking forward to this for years.
p2. this is more of a concert than a rave type thing (whatever that means), but DON'T U DARE LET THAT STOP U FROM GOING NUTS. i very specifically avoided seated venues on this tour because the standing/dancing/super loud vibe is the best.
So I expected something a little more interactive.  But other than playing the keyboards and singing along to some of the songs, he really never chatted with the crowd or did anything to differentiate this from a regular "DJ set" type of show.
Not that I'm complaining.  It was an amazing show of all-Porter Robinson songs!
Confetti explosion to close it out around 11:30pm!!
Ending the night with "Language".  A good time was had by all!

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