Sunday, October 5, 2014

Club Reports: Independent Bar, The Patio, Sound Bar

It usually helps to have plan when you go out at night but such was not the case last night as I arrived downtown without one.  So my first stop was the tried & true Independent Bar.
Resident DJ Indie John was in the booth putting out their Saturday night format of early to mid 80's New Wave!
While my camera suffered for a few minutes of lazy eye, one could still tell that the club and dance floor were absolutely packed!
Was wondering whether the Kaskade concert at the Fairgrounds would impact downtown.  It didn't.
I-Bar is just a great place to spend a few hours on a Saturday night.
Next stop on our tour is The Patio. This is the new name of the club previously known as Eye Spy.
DJ Parry in the booth playing a Hip Hop set during my visit.
The open-to-the-sky dance floor here too was packed!
Other than the name signs, I could not detect any changes that were made from the transition from Eye Spy to The Patio.
DJ P plays some pretty mean EDM sets too, just not during this visit!
Another one of my favorite places downtown is Sound Bar and I'm shocked that I haven't been here in a couple months!
Resident DJ Monsanto in the booth playing pure, unadulterated House music!
Very small venue with an even smaller dance floor that was just beginning to populate when I arrived.
The club is hidden.  One entrance is on Pine Street accessed via a parking lot and an alley.  Or from Church Street you have to enter via club Native and head to a far corner for the other entrance.  It's worth the hunt!
As it got later, the music got deeper!
A good time was had by all......especially by Monsanto!

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