Monday, September 8, 2014

Remembering Those Other Two Bars

After that final evening for the Pleasure Island clubs, the Island literally became a ghost town overnight as nearly everything was closed. It thus became necessary to offer those traversing between the West Side and Marketplace something along the journey. One of the venues that reopened was PI Live Bar. It was located at The Hub, the intersection of the main entryway from the PI parking lot via the No. 2 Bridge at Hill Street.  You could get all your favorites at PI Live Bar, named after the PI Live DJ booth which was located across from it.
The other venue that was quickly reopened was Laffers Cantina. It was named for the Comedy Warehouse show that was in the adjacent building.  The upstairs originally contained the lighting tech booth for the shows at West End Stage and in the post-PI club era became the lighting and DJ booth for the Celebrate Tonight shows taking place below in Celebration Plaza.
They even curiously brought back the Kungaloosh drink, a drink popularized at Adventurers Club. Those were the days!

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