Friday, September 26, 2014

Glow Party On Norwegian Breakaway

Another night, another party on board Norwegian Breakaway!  This one was called the Glow Party which combined their older White Hot Party with glow features.
Another night with DJ Keith (RP) pumping out Top 40/Dance!
Plenty of little rascals around as this one is a family party!
Think this one was the most-crowded of the ones I attended back here in outdoor club Spice H2O.
Free shots as LMFAO's "Shots" played!
The party was scheduled to last one hour but it kept going and going!
The Breakaway's "animation team".  On a lot of ships I've been on the team starts the action off but then kind of disappears after a half-hour or so.  Not on this ship.  They stuck around and partied hard the entire event!
And after several strong double-sized drinks they offer on this ship, I fortunately remembered that the fish on the carpet would take me upstream to my cabin!


Anonymous said...

so after a few nights of the same Dj, what's the summary? can he actually mix? on all the cruises I've been on, the Dj was just another crew member they threw behind the mixer and told 'em to play something; no mixing abilities. the only time I ran across a Dj on a cruise ship that had some talen was when it was a contracted "guest" Dj..

KingBob said...

I'm pretty sure he was hired as a DJ since he has his own laptop and other equipment. I've not watched him mix so can't be sure how much he is actually mixing live and how much is pre-done. Keep in mind that they do the same parties each night, week after week. But either way, I give DJ Keith a thumbs-up for party tune selections with ZERO Hip Hop!

Hope to try out Bliss tonight where I believe they have a different DJ.