Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Remembering BET Soundstage

History:  BET Soundstage was a dance club that featured Hip Hop and R&B music and opened in 1998. It replaced Neon Armadillo which operated in here prior to that.  The last couple years it operated only as Soundstage Club as the contract with Black Entertainment Television expired.  The BET part of the logo was simply removed.  During my first visit to Pleasure Island during the late 90's I have fond memories of hanging out in Mannequins and BET.  Hip Hop music was becoming huge and this place was playing all the hits.  The dance floor, which was down on the ground level, was packed and the long staircase that led down to it was also packed.  I can recall it taking a good half hour to get a drink.  This was the place!  The club started to go down hill after new club Motion opened. Ironically, with most of Top 40 dominated by Hip Hop and Top 40 being what Motion played, the much-larger club stole all the customers.  In the end Soundstage stayed pretty empty and a switch to Classics such as Michael Jackson did not draw many.  Soundstage closed with all the other clubs on the morning of September 28, 2008.

Current Status:  Empty; has been used recently as a construction office. Hyperion Wharf plans we published showed the building razed, replaced by "Seed & Mulch."  That never happened, thankfully.  No recent construction activity, however.

Future:  Disney Springs concept art shows the building still there, with modifications of the roofline to give it a different look.  Don't know what it will be.  Most of the space in the building is down the stairs at the lower level of the Island.  Upstairs space is very limited as currently configured.  Would make a good dance club.  


Jeff - Gainesville said...

Hey Bob, any word on the progress over by Rain Forest Cafe, in particular the Margarita Bar? I'd like for it to be up and running when I am there in October!

KingBob said...

I'll check it out the next time I'm at DTD.

Brian said...

found this on my FB page!

KingBob said...

Just posted the video Brian....thanks!

Brian said...

you are welcome.