Monday, August 11, 2014

PI Update: East End Construction

Out at beautiful Pleasure Island on this sunny morning and zeroing-in on all the construction taking place on the eastern end of the Island.  The largest project is the so-called Boathouse Restaurant complex as seen from our exclusive SkyCam.
The roof has numerous sections to it.
It's located where club Motion used to stand.
And will include this dock where you will presumably be able to rent boats that look like cars.
Moving west, the new amphitheater for nightly entertainment.
And just to the west of that between the amphitheater and the current pedestrian bypass, a very small lot that will be the home to the announced Hanger restaurant.
Framework being installed that will allow the venue to extend over the water.
The pedestrian bypass is temporary and will perhaps give this place more breathing space but the Pleasure Island Water Taxi stop must still fit between it and Paradiso 37.
Nice view of the Raglan Road complex and middle left, new construction.
We don't know if this will be a shop or another food option.  Note some rare green space adjacent the new building.
And this new concrete half-wall will wrap around that green space.
And presumably glass will replace those blank panels.
Finally, a new shop or food venue going into the future walkway area that was once inside the service court between Raglan Road and Portobello.  Tuesday on the Blog we'll move west and take a look at the construction outside Mannequins, 8TRAX and Adventurers Club!

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