Sunday, August 31, 2014

Concert Report: The Reunion (Firestone Live)

Downtown Orlando must have been deserted last night because it seems that everyone was at Firestone Live for The Future Sound of Breaks Reunion!
Walked-in around 10:30pm and the club was already wall-to-wall packed!
Making a rare appearance, veteran DJ Noel Sanger playing Old Skool.
Even the upstairs was open and jammed!
The music last night mostly 90's & 00's Classic Dance hits that you used to hear on 95.3Party!
Mister Future Sound of Breaks himself, MC Headius Maximus.
Spotted nearby: LadyV.  No one does crop tops better than Sarah V!
Coming on at 11:30pm, DJ duo 2 Bad Mice (GB).
Lots of Classic Dance including their monster anthem "Bombscare"!
Getting down!
Outside on the patio, DJ duo RobE & Security (USA).
There was little room to move out here either!
Back inside, headliner DJ Icey (USA) taking over at 12:30am!
Lots of roars from the crowd as he put on more classic hits from back in the day!
More Mannequins!
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls! Especially Kriss!

Taking it to the hoop.....Jen!
Spotted: DJ Pedro V.
After Icey finished, Florida Breaks DJ duo Friction & Spice (USA) took over to close it out!
A good time was had by all!


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Anonymous said...

Go Go dancer Kriss!! Nice,

Great night but Firestone has shit Air Conditioning, great party great vibes, excellent music, more pics needed SPI Blogspot , did u get any pics of hula hooping girl?

Anonymous said...

Mannequins girl Steph looking really good!

KingBob said...

Anon at 1:08pm.....thanks!

Anon at 2:48pm, for your convenience, I've added a picture of Jen the hula hoop girl to the Blog article. As for the AC, I was comfortable at the front where there was a breeze. But I did hear from someone else too that the club was warm.

Anon at 3:29pm, agreed!