Sunday, August 24, 2014

Concert Report: Independence Music Festival - Orlando

The first ever Independence Music Festival - Orlando was pretty impressive! Made up of a total of 7 music stages, three were at Firestone Live, three at The Brink and then the main stage was in Firestone's large parking lot.

DJ Twine (USA) was on the mainstage when I arrived doing a mostly Dubstep set.

But they need to do this in Spring.  It was soooo hot out there!
Most of the people were inside Firestone where it was dark and cool.
And the music was House/Dance.
And you could dance in comfort.
It was starting to build outside though too.
DJ Herobust (USA) taking over at 3:30pm.
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls.....and they had 7 of them!
Back inside, the view from the lighting tech booth displayed Firestone's impressive equipment in use!
DJ Victor Niglio (USA) getting ready to take his turn.
Putting on an impressive House/Dance set too!
Followed by the announced "Darth Vader of Trance", DJ Alex M.O.R.P.H. (D).
A great Trance set that included both Vocal and Non-vocal selections.
Zooly (USA) was putting down a Dubstep / Bass mixed with House set back inside.
As long as the sun stayed out, the peeps stayed in!
At 6:30pm on the mainstage, the Bomb Squad introduced their man.....
Bombs Away! (AUS).
Don't know if you'd call it Trap or Hip Hop, but that's what he mostly played as people continued to arrive.
Over in The Brink, DJ Party Ghost (USA) playing some "Ghost Step"!
While local DJ Big Makk was blowing things up in Firestone!
This is where everyone was at.
Rapidly up-and-coming DJ duo Paris & Simo (CDN) taking the mainstage.
The sun was setting and things were cooling down outside at this point.
All the inside activities ended at 8:30pm so everyone had to come outside.
Spotted: Headliner DJ BT (USA) coming up to the mainstage for his set!
And he would put on an awesome 1 hour, 15 minute set of Trance!
Confetti canons!
Packed outside for BT!  He is who I came to see.
Recognized songs from Tiƫsto, Tritonal, Above & Beyond and of course some of his own hits!
First time I had ever seen BT perform and it was a good one!
The crowd was ready to rage with Skism (GB) and Excision (CDN) who would end out the program but I called it quits at this point after standing for 8 hours.
But at IMF - Orlando last night, a good time was had by all!  Thanks to Mansion Events personnel for allowing me to cover their great show.  The event was very professionally done!

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