Thursday, August 28, 2014

Club Reports: Passion, Gryphon, Pangea (Hollywood)

Visited the Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood last night for dinner and learned that the outdoor shopping/entertainment center at the rear of the complex seems to be really struggling.  Lots of empty storefronts throughout.  And sadly, even the dance clubs have been impacted.  Passion is the only one still in business and even it is just open on Friday & Saturday nights.  The 15,000sf multi-level club brings in different types of DJ's; for instance Orlando's DJ Crespo plays this weekend and is coming in September.

But Gryphon has closed.  At one time this was the place to be seen in Broward.

A transplant from the Miami scene, Opium has closed. And so has Pangea! Celebrities from all over the world used to hang out in this ultralounge.  Not sure what's going on here; the casino itself is booming. Just goes to show that when there's a casino around, that's who sucks up all the cash, leaving little for anyone else.


Anonymous said...

The clubs are being torn down, as are several of the north and west end locations, because the hotel and casino are doing so well that the plan is to add on to the hotel and casino.

KingBob said...

Thank you for the update. Appreciated!