Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Mannequins Of Mannequins

As we approach 6 years without Pleasure Island, it's fun to go back and remember some of the things that made PI special. One of things would be the mannequins of Mannequins Dance Palace!
One of the building's original functions was as a canvas works which apparently used dozens of mannequins.  When the building was subsequently put to use as a dance club, the mannequins were deployed throughout the club.
This LED display greeted guests as they stepped off the elevator near the DJ booth on the second floor.
It was installed just months prior to the announcement that PI was closing; showing that one hand of Disney didn't know what the other hand was doing.
Occasionally some of the hanging mannequins would be lowered down.  That was always special!
The lighting effects were surreal.  This is the final lowering on the final night!
Several of the lowered mannequins had eerily-glowing eyes such as Manny in this picture.  This one is owned by Save Pleasure Island Blog roving reporter Thommy, having been purchased at Disney Property Control.
Numerous mannequins hung in place in the corner framework towers. Some remained visible from the upstairs door long after the club closed and might still be there today.  The mannequins are just one of many things that made PI so special!


Anonymous said...

Any chance Tommy will let us see a picture of Manny today?

A "Where are they Now" segment starring Manny would be fun!

Anonymous said...

Where's that guy who always insists the dance floor is gone and the mannequins were taken away after they closed?

Brian said...

in the early years the Upside down Mannequins had mirror glass on them not all over but in certain places.

the eyes and end of their hands would light up!

there was 6 at 1st I heard one fell and broke so they only use 4. there was a 5th still up but hardly ever came down.

I always thought they looked better then the NEW redone version! but that's my opinion.

Thommy Sandvick said...

They wore suits before they were stripped and painted according to william.

I don't have the mannequin with me physically. Technically William and I both own it as we bought it together from property control. He has it in his garage I believe.

KingBob said...

Since Manny is living somewhere in an Orlando garage, we're not able to provide a photo of him. I stand corrected; he's co-owned by Blog roving reporters Thommy AND William.
Should we ever get a Mannequins Reunion put together, he would make an appearance there!

Anonymous said...

Yes the idea of a Mannequins reunion would be good, also another reunion for 8Trax would be good also.
What would be better is fixing up Mannequins and 8Trax and also
why not fix up Adventurer's Club.

Thommy Sandvick said...

when I first got (him? I always referred to it as a her) I had her in my bathroom in my apt and I closed the door cuz it's kinda creepy. I had to leave and the Orken man came while I was gone to do his thing. Well I came home and the bathroom door was open. Suffice to say, I'm pretty sure he got a spook opening a dark bathroom door and seeing a mannequin LOL.

Anonymous said...

I am not the only one who said the floor has been MIA! love how you tried to single out someone? not sure if ME or one of the other(s)