Monday, July 28, 2014

PI Update: The Latest Photos

Come cross this magical bridge one more time to beautiful Pleasure Island!
First an update on the Boathouse Restaurant construction.
Located roughly where club Motion used to sit.

 A Schussler Creative concept, their website still describes the idea here:
"Anchor yourself in a vintage watercraft on top of Florida tropical waters. Enjoy the open air and nautical environment."
The other new building on the Island, now with a brick facade.
A new concrete half-wall is now in place roughly were Fuego used to stand.
Coming from the other direction near Fulton's, this is a look into the former service court for Portobello and Raglan Road.
While pedestrians will still be able to turn left here and walk towards Raglan Road and Mannequins, there will be a new main walkway cutting through here towards the Boathouse Restaurant. One can see a small narrow shop of some sort that is under construction within this area, something shown on the original Hyperion Wharf plans we published too.
Viewed from the Paradiso 37 patio, this is a look at the new construction taking place beside Mannequins in the area where PI Live Bar once stood along with most recently, Apricot Lane. (And before that Orlando Harley-Davidson and Changing Attitudes.)
There are walls going up between each segment here so each section will be its own shop. These are the first two closest to The Hub.
And the next two.  All are up against Mannequins although there is a new service corridor between these new shops and the Mannequins building itself.  There have still been no announcements about shops coming to Disney Springs.
Further to the west, there appear to be two more distinct retail spaces up against 8TRAX and another larger one in the area where Curl by Sammy Duval once stood.  Stay tuned to SAVE PLEASURE ISLAND BLOG for the latest developments.


Anonymous said...

You had the number night club on the east coast at one time so what do you with decide to follow instead of making your place like the others ,,you guys have shit for brains,,,

Anonymous said...

I sure hope you're referring to Disney management and not to King Bob, an unaffiliated civilian who just loved Pleasure Island enough to start to this page...

KingBob said...

Thanks. I think he's talking about DTD management, not me!