Monday, July 7, 2014

PI History: The Funmeister

Little is know of the whereabouts of the original wooden Funmeister that used to adorn its own totem pole on beautiful Pleasure Island.  It was originally discovered by Merriweather Adam Pleasure in 1911 as he steamed through the Florida Barge Canal System looking for the ideal place to create his new home. When he spotted it on the shores of what would later be named Village Lake, he knew this was the spot to build his Pleasure Island.  He is the one who named the totem Funmeister and this wooden version is attributed to a band of the I4 Indians that at one time inhabited these lands.
It was eventually replaced with this steel and glass version that could be lighted at night.
Actual fun left Pleasure Island in September, 2008, when all the clubs were closed.  But it was not until December, 2010 that the Funmeister himself was removed, unceremoniously disappearing one night.


DJMadManRay said...

"No more Funmeister, no more fun!".. That should be Disney Springs new slogan. Damn Mouse...

FN said...

But there will be "more shopping and dining!" Wheeeeeee! Just what we need... Give us all a break, Disney.

I can only hope that Disney Springs will have some worthwhile nightlife. But so far no real announcements of anything in that direction. This scares the crap out of me. Meanwhile "the other big park" continues to rake in the dough with their nighttime entertainment.

KingBob said...

Hang in there Ray! We don't know what the late-night component will be yet. Hopefully it will far exceed what's being offered today.

FN, don't feel bad about the lack of information about nightlife. Afterall, no retail announcements yet either.

I've been saying it for close to 6 ain't over till it's over!