Saturday, July 19, 2014

Club Reports: Lefty's On The "O", Loose Goose, Panache, The Bank, One Thirty Eight, 29 Park, LEV3L, Carnivale (Windsor)

This is Windsor, Ontario, Canada.  This is where I spent my Friday night doing some club hopping with DJ KenE (CDN) doing the hosting!
And looking back across the river, this is Detroit, Michigan, USA.  And even though the two cities are just a mile or so apart physically, they're a thousand miles apart musically.  Detroit is one of the original homes of House and Techno but Motown went Hip Hop beginning in the late 90's while Canadian cities stayed much more centered on EDM. 

OK, let's get started!  First stop of the night was Lefty's On The "O", the "O" standing for Ouellette Avenue, one of Windsor's main downtown streets.

DJ Fathertooth was in the booth playing Top 40 and Chill during my visit. His Greek last name apparently translates to his English DJ name!
No one dancing yet at 10pm but I'm told it gets packed for Top 40 & EDM.  When KenE DJ'd here he reports throwing in some Baby Ann and DJ Icey breakbeats and putting the crowd into a frenzy.  He says that Breaks are pretty much unknown up here.

Proudly made in Canada:  Bartenders Krista & Natalie

Canada and geese somehow go together so it was only appropriate for the next stop of the night to be the Loose Goose!

No DJ's here; they offer live entertainment but really no dancing.

Owner Angus and his beautiful assistant did stop by for a quick drink shot and quick snap shot.

Located along one of the side streets, Panache Ultra Lounge already had a pretty good crowd on hand around 11pm.

DJ Sam-E was in the booth at the rear playing 70's, 80's & 90's!

And the dance floor had a lot of people on it!

Located in an old bank building, the appropriately named The Bank Nightclub was next.

This is home to Canada's largest shiny disco ball!  You can spot the DJ up above it!

The music was Top 40 and Hip Hop so we only stuck around for one drink.

Next stop was the very cool One Thirty Eight Bar.

Found local club veteran DJ Ni-Ko in the booth here spinning Dance/House.

They have a pretty large dance floor up here in this second-story venue.

This bachelorette party took up a good part of it.

Keep it moving!  Another club made up of a "number", 29 or more formally 29 Park was next!  That C$5.00 cover charge is only US$4.65 so Americans can save big by club hopping north of the border! (Actually, little known fact, but Windsor is the only place where Canada is south of the United States so we were actually south of the border!)

The DJ was playing mostly EDM during our visit!

A really large room compared to what we had visited so far, it wasn't particularly crowded.

A not-expected set of Reggaeton did get a large number onto the floor.  KenE says Reggaeton is surprisingly popular up here!

Moving next across the street to LEV3L Nightclub.

That's my host DJ KenE visiting in the booth with resident DJ Evolution!

Of all the stops made, this was probably the nicest "room" in town and so far the largest crowd.  But it was a Hip Hop night so drinks were quickly downed and we would be movin' on!

Last stop of the night was brand new club Carnivale.

I didn't get this opening DJ's name but he knew his Trance!

Club and dance floor were packed!

As the sign says, this will be an all-EDM club with different genres on different nights!

Plenty of nice scenery on the dance floor!

The evening's Trance theme continued with DJ duo Kings of Addiction (CDN) coming on next!

Spotted: DJ EZ visiting with my tour guide DJ KenE!

Dance floor was packed!

Really the best night of Trance I've experienced since I saw Above & Beyond in Toronto last month!

Raver gurl!

So if you're ever in the Detroit area on a weekend, highly recommend that you cross the bridge or tunnel and go partying on the Canadian side!

Because if you do, a good time will be had by all! Big thanks to DJ KenE of Windsor for showing me his city!


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