Sunday, July 20, 2014

Club Reports: CityWalk Waterfront Stage, Red Coconut Club, The Groove

Back in Orlando for Saturday night so headed out to CityWalk at Universal Orlando Resort to see what was happening.  Began the fun at their Waterfront Stage.
Saturday night resident DJ Smooth was at the controls delivering Line Dances, Top 40 and EDM to the masses gathered on the dance floor below and on the steps ahead of him!
The crowd is largely teens, twenties and parents.
They were really getting into the electronic dance beats!
A former mix show DJ at XM Satellite Radio, DJ Smooth's Frequency dance mix show can be heard every Saturday night at 10pm ET (0500 GMT Sunday) on RadioDanz.  And you can hear House and other EDM beats anytime 24/7 on his Florida Beat Radio.
Moving next over to Red Coconut Club for their Latin Night!
DJ Leony (USA) in the booth leading a great mix of not only the expected Latin beats but also a lot of EDM!
The dance floor was already pretty packed here when I arrived!
DJ Leony plays regularly too at downtown nightclub Vanity!  And you'll find his mix show on Saturday nights at 10pm ET (0300 GMT Sunday) on RadioDanz.
People dancing as far as the eye could see at RCC!
Are you all motherfuckers havin' a good time?
Last stop The Groove. While Disney has publicly stated to the Orlando Sentinel that they're not going to have stand-alone nightclubs at Disney Springs, CityWalk continues to operate such clubs at CityWalk and they continue to rake in the cash.
Apparently DJ M-Squared now has Saturday night resident status at The Groove because I keep seeing him here.
And he opened with a 15-minute EDM set, drifted away for a few songs but was then back to it!
Club was tourist-season packed!
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
And a good time was had by all!


Anonymous said...

So...Disney has publicly stated to the Orlando Sentinel that they're not going to have stand-alone nightclubs at Disney Springs. And it was nothing more than a one sentence blurb on this site while reviewing the nightlife at The Groove. Does this mean we have thrown in the towel and have conceded Disney will never bring back any real night life and PI is indeed gone forever???

KingBob said...

PI is indeed gone forever. But there will be numerous venues that have to offer "something" to attract a post-dinner crowd until 2am if they expect to pay their rent. What those somethings will be are the big question.

Anonymous said...

funny HOW People still do not get it!? PI was dead in July 2008 Sorry meant many years before that