Sunday, July 13, 2014

Club Reports: Atlantic Dance Hall, Suite B Lounge

Traveling today so sorry for the delayed posting. Had not been out to Atlantic Dance Hall in months so it was time last night to check it out again.  They do still have that $5 cover charge but it comes with an Atlantic Dance Hall wristband so it's definitely worth it.
DJ Willie (8TRAX, Celebrate Tonight, Red Coconut Club, Stitch's Club 626 Dance Party, The Groove) was in the booth playing a mix of Line Dances and Top 40.
What's new at the club is the addition of some tables and chairs in the corners on the dance floor.
What's not new at the club is the lack of people dancing!
Occasionally there was a group out there but not that often during my visit. One of the bartenders told me that new upper management is coming to ADH, management that ran the place years ago when it first opened.  Everyone is hoping that they'll change for music format and do something that will bring patrons back to the club.  Well, we'll see about that.  
Willie played an extensive Dance set with songs that included "Animals", "Summer" & "Red Lights".  It was awesome although hardly anyone danced to them. And even though I needed to get downtown, no way was I walking out on an EDM set!  Thankfully he ended it so I could leave.
Suite B Lounge two nights in-a-row!  Breakbeats two nights-in-a-row!
Veteran DJ Gerry Labarge on the decks when I arrived around midnight.
Club had four times as many patrons compared to Friday night!
Unlike ADH, people were dancing all over the place!
Including this sick group that included DJ Matrix, DJ Jade & PhatKidz!
Spotted: DJ Beni Hill & DJ LadyV and Breaks friends!
Mike be like, "Give me a fuckin' Breakbeat!"
Getting ready to take over, DJ duo PhatKidz (USA).
And then continuing with some crazy Breaks!
SarahV passing by!
Spotted on the dance floor: Devon, Marybeth & Orlando socialite CJ.
MC BBK was calling the shots!
Some unique sounds kept the dance floor full!
Spotted in VIP: DJ Gerry Lebarge & Shawn Fenn.
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
Spotted: DJ Funkbaby watching soccer highlights!
And a good time was had by all!


Anonymous said...

Based on those couple of pics of the people in ADH, I would not have been playing Martin Garrix, Calvin Harris and Tiesto to that crowd. You have to play to the people you have in front of you and that crowd would respond to something along the lines of remixes/bootlegs of 80s & 90s hits with a few newer, more wore out tracks like Treasure and Get Lucky throw in for flavor. Just sayin.. ;)

Thommy Sandvick said...

maybe he couldn't get the to respond to anything so was trying different items to find what they would like.

Thanks Bob for checking in on it. Lets hope someone new management has at least HALF a brain and does something with the place.

KingBob said...

Anon, those would get played too. It's an all-request format out there at ADH. DJ Willie can read an audience. And he WAS playing EDM songs to his audience. Me.

Thommy Sandvick, I don't hold out a lot of hope for improvement. I think there is too much pressure from even higher up management to keep the noise down for all the hotel guests in those $400/nite rooms next door.

Anonymous said...

If you've got room for tables on your dance floor, something's gone horribly wrong...

71 said...

So if there are that few people in your club, maybe the $5 cover was a horrible idea?

(Not saying it couldn't be improved in other areas, too, but come on, that seems insane.)

Anonymous said...

I was there that night. I was the one in the Micky ears. There were a lot of people there that we're not shown in these pictures. It was a pretty good crowd actually friend the last 3 hours that night. Anyway, I do not like hip hop and that's pretty much what they played all night. My friends that I was with and I much prefer dance music. The other thing is that Disney could make untold amounts of money from tugs club and Mannequins if they would just commit to doing it right and advertising these clubs properly.

KingBob said...

Anon at 2:05am, you're correct. They're looking to make the dance floor less empty plus they hope the people sitting at those table are more apt to dance if they're already down there.

71, I don't know that the $5 cover charge is impacting business. Just as many people there now than before. In either case, it's not many people, relatively speaking. I was told only 27 people showed up for their karaoke night last Thursday.

Anon at 7:10pm, thanks for your comments and I do remember you and your Ears. But unless the crowd increased significantly after I left at midnight, I would not describe that as a "pretty good crowd". Considering the size of the place and considering that this the ONLY dance club on Disney property, I think the crowd was "pretty sorry".