Thursday, July 31, 2014

DTD Update: Latest Car Park Photos

To see how the new West Garage is coming along.  It is.
Looking westward from the northwest corner.
The view from within the Splitsville alley.  Currently blocked completely, this will soon be one of the prime entryways from the garage into Downtown Disney.
No, those are not more DVC units.  Those are elevator towers.
Even not themed yet, it's a nice-looking building.  This is the northwest corner.
Northwest corner zoomed-in.  They're expecting this to be open for the holidays.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

This Weekend In Techno Town

THURSDAY JUL 31  End the month with a whole lot of Electro as Overwerk (USA) comes to Orlando for the first time! ($10)
FRIDAY AUG 1  The best show around this Friday is actually in Clearwater at Vertigo!  A great lineup of Breaks guys including Curtis B, Supernaut, ARK and DJ Santana!  Located on Ulmerton / SR688 just west of I-275.  ($15)
SATURDAY AUG 2  How about a Breakbeats pool party.  Beginning at 11am this Saturday and running all afternoon, it's happening on the pool deck at the Howard Johnson's Plaza in Altamonte Springs, SR436 at Wymore Road! You can see the great lineup on the flyer above! ($5)
And the Breaks continue Saturday night at the Peacock Room featuring Wavewhore, DJ D-Xtreme, Stylus, 21Paths and Renato Guirao!  ($5)
Meanwhile Suite B Lounge has NLP DJ's Beni Hill and Supagroover headlining this weekend too!  ($5)

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

DTD Update: The High Line & Food Truck Park

Not a lot to report from the Food Truck Park and in particular the High Line. Since my last visit to Downtown Disney, appears that they've been working to "weather" the High Line to make it look like its the old abandoned "L" line that it isn't is.
Some work has taken place on top as well.  Guests will be able to congregate up here to dine on their food truck purchases and watch the peeps below.
Progress here at the Food Truck Park seems to be very slow.
Especially compared to the West Parking Garage which we'll post pictures of tomorrow!

Monday, July 28, 2014

PI Update: The Latest Photos

Come cross this magical bridge one more time to beautiful Pleasure Island!
First an update on the Boathouse Restaurant construction.
Located roughly where club Motion used to sit.

 A Schussler Creative concept, their website still describes the idea here:
"Anchor yourself in a vintage watercraft on top of Florida tropical waters. Enjoy the open air and nautical environment."
The other new building on the Island, now with a brick facade.
A new concrete half-wall is now in place roughly were Fuego used to stand.
Coming from the other direction near Fulton's, this is a look into the former service court for Portobello and Raglan Road.
While pedestrians will still be able to turn left here and walk towards Raglan Road and Mannequins, there will be a new main walkway cutting through here towards the Boathouse Restaurant. One can see a small narrow shop of some sort that is under construction within this area, something shown on the original Hyperion Wharf plans we published too.
Viewed from the Paradiso 37 patio, this is a look at the new construction taking place beside Mannequins in the area where PI Live Bar once stood along with most recently, Apricot Lane. (And before that Orlando Harley-Davidson and Changing Attitudes.)
There are walls going up between each segment here so each section will be its own shop. These are the first two closest to The Hub.
And the next two.  All are up against Mannequins although there is a new service corridor between these new shops and the Mannequins building itself.  There have still been no announcements about shops coming to Disney Springs.
Further to the west, there appear to be two more distinct retail spaces up against 8TRAX and another larger one in the area where Curl by Sammy Duval once stood.  Stay tuned to SAVE PLEASURE ISLAND BLOG for the latest developments.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Club Reports: Independent Bar, Sound Bar

"Another Saturday night and I ain't got nobody, I've got some money 'cause I just got paid."-Cat Stevens.  And spending it at a couple of my favorite Saturday night places beginning with I-Bar.
Finding DJ Smilin' Dan in the booth playing a great mix of DJ Rob Video Vault classics along with the more-familiar early 80's New Wave hits.  Lighting tech Ernie at the rear.
The dance floor did get more crowded than this but overall not as many patrons as we normally see here. No cover on Saturday nights until 11pm and then just $5 guys/$3 girls. After an hour, moved onward.
To Sound Bar of course.  Cover here varies depending on the DJ and it varies from $0 to $10; last night $5.
Arrived just in time for resident DJ Monsanto (right) to be turning the controls over to guest DJ Patrick M (USA).
House music of course and this guy is a master at it!
Small club was packed!
Nearly always run into people I know here from my "spot" along the wall!
Originally from Argentina but now residing in Miami, he's played at Nikki Beach, Crobar, Mynt and many more clubs there.
A lot of screams from the crowd as he built up and crashed various selections that included both vocal and nonvocal songs!
And a good time was had by all!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Mannequins Of Mannequins

As we approach 6 years without Pleasure Island, it's fun to go back and remember some of the things that made PI special. One of things would be the mannequins of Mannequins Dance Palace!
One of the building's original functions was as a canvas works which apparently used dozens of mannequins.  When the building was subsequently put to use as a dance club, the mannequins were deployed throughout the club.
This LED display greeted guests as they stepped off the elevator near the DJ booth on the second floor.
It was installed just months prior to the announcement that PI was closing; showing that one hand of Disney didn't know what the other hand was doing.
Occasionally some of the hanging mannequins would be lowered down.  That was always special!
The lighting effects were surreal.  This is the final lowering on the final night!
Several of the lowered mannequins had eerily-glowing eyes such as Manny in this picture.  This one is owned by Save Pleasure Island Blog roving reporter Thommy, having been purchased at Disney Property Control.
Numerous mannequins hung in place in the corner framework towers. Some remained visible from the upstairs door long after the club closed and might still be there today.  The mannequins are just one of many things that made PI so special!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Mannequins Memories

Do you remember back in 2007 when the Xellent Vodka brand became a sponsor out at Pleasure Island and their male and female angels would walk around the Island and pose for pictures?
And they would even dance on the stage at Mannequins?
Xellent Vodka in the red bottle was a Swiss brand made in Engleberg, Switzerland, literally "Angel Mountain" in German. And thus the Xellent Angels theme.