Wednesday, June 4, 2014

This Weekend In Techno Town

THURSDAY JUN 5  Start off a fun weekend with a mix of Dubstep and House music with DJ duo Candyland (USA), playing tomorrow night at Firestone Live!  ($16-20)
FRIDAY JUN 6  Have great memories of a horribly-wasted DJ Sandra Collins (USA) trying to sign a CD cover up in the booth of Destiny Night Club a few years back.  But wow, what an incredible set!  Rare visit to the east coast this Friday night at Sandwich Bar!  (Price NA) 
Downtown at Suite B Lounge on Friday night the NLP DJ group returns with Beta (GB) along with NLP residents DJ Matrix and Beni Hill and more!  Lots of Breakbeats!  ($7)
SATURDAY JUN 7  DJ duo Disco Fries return to Orlando this Saturday night at Firestone Live.  Lots of House including new hit "Love Me Right"!  ($5-10)  DJ's Alex Wood and Byno open.
Over at Roxy Nightclub they've got DJ/Producer Mercer (F) bringing some Parisian Electrohouse to Orlando.  ($10)
If you missed Tritonal's (USA) concert just a couple months ago in Orlando at Roxy, they return to central Florida this Saturday night, performing in front of the revolving dance floor at Amphitheatre in Tampa!  Very trancy.  Paris Blohm opens.  ($15-20)


Anonymous said...

You forgot Friday at soundbar, with longtime mannequins follower DJ mike miro ! And the originator of the overpriced mannequins font black shirt on zazzle! Lol

KingBob said...

Thanks for the update!