Monday, June 30, 2014

PI Update: More Concept Art Released

The Blog has speculated numerous times that this outdoor amphitheater-looking area under construction where Rock'n'Roll Beach Club used to stand was going to actually be an outdoor amphitheater. Note the circular cut-outs.
Well an outdoor amphitheater can now be confirmed thanks to new concept art that was recently posted at Pleasure Island.  Looks like Drey-C down there with his band! This amphitheater is wedged in a small area between The Hanger avaition-themed restaurant to the left and The Boathouse nautical-themed restaurant to the right and one can see parts of both in the art.  Also of interest, those circular cut-outs filled with palm trees, not good for sight-lines in my opinion. And notice everyone standing, not sitting. Looks good though!
Also posted on Pleasure Island (well technically, Pleasure Peninsula since it's no longer an island) the other day is this new concept art showing a park-like setting whose location really can't be identified from anything currently built.  Notice the factory-like smokestack.  Notice the waterfall.  An Island source told us this is going into a new area over near the Marketplace. Very nice.
OK, I think we've beat this High Line thing to death.
Previously released concept art gave us a good look at it.  It will be assessable by both stairs and elevator and presumably those purchasing food from the trucks will be able to come up here to consume.  Notice there are some tables with umbrellas at ground level too over near Village Lake.
This newly posted piece of concept art shows the food trucks down in Food Truck Park with a view looking over towards the High Line. No one seems to be carrying any food though.  We'll see how this thing plays out.


Anonymous said...

With an amphitheater, food trucks, and concept art it's too bad that they're still not putting what people want.
Fixing up Mannequines, and 8Trax
so adults can dance and party at night at 10:00pm to 2am.
P.s. Do you think anybody will wake up.

Anonymous said...

Bring back Mannequins Dance Palace!