Tuesday, June 10, 2014

PI Update: Amphitheater & Mannequins Updates

Save Pleasure Island Blog reader Bill R. writes us to say that the so-called AMC Stage saw its last performance this past weekend.  He says that Dominic, who plays the didgeridoo instrument there, announced it during one of his sets this past weekend. This is a complete surprise because just a month ago an AMC Downtown Disney 24 Theaters manager had relayed a possible plan to turn their outdoor patio area into something similar to what was happening outside Splitsville.  Thanks again, Bill R.
Where will the live evening entertainment move to?  We don't know yet but it can't move to this suspected outdoor amphitheater that is under construction on Pleasure Island because it's clearly not ready.
And is it really even an outdoor entertainment amphitheater? It certainly has the look of one but with very limited levels to support seating.
Outside Mannequins Dance Palace construction continues on what appears to be a service corridor and fire escape route.
Concept art shows what appear to be shops going in the area that is now brown dirt.  Rear doors for case members and deliveries connect to the new corridor.  Nice view of 8TRAX in this shot too, taken from our Save Pleasure Island Blog SkyCam!
Notice that the "smokers patio" doors to Mannequins connect to this corridor as well.
Ground level view of this new area on beautiful Pleasure Island.


Anonymous said...

It's pretty pathetic that there won't be any more night life for the adults after 10:00pm.
I suppose that Citywalk will get all the adult night life.
Think of all the money that will be spent over there.
P.S. if you people had any sense you would atleast fix up 8trax, and Mannequines.

FN said...

Is the Pleasure Island sign still up over Mannequins? Don't think I saw any posts here that it came down yet, as I'm sure that would be a big news story.

Anonymous said...

The big sign came down about a month ago :(

KingBob said...

The Blog covered this on April 23rd: