Monday, June 16, 2014

DTD Update: West Side Highline Construction

Here's the latest news from Downtown Disney West Side.
The water fountain between AMC Downtown Disney 24 Theaters and Planet Hollywood is operational again as the tarp has been removed and the nightly entertainment relocated.
The musical performers have been relocated to this new area near the No. 4 Bridge to Pleasure Island.  No one I spoke to knew why the move was made now but certainly the entertainment will be more widely seen here near the pedestrian bypass around the Island than it was off to the side down by PH.
A couple weeks ago we covered this supposedly missing piece of the so-called "Highline" but it was there all along adjacent the new Starbucks.
But more Highline has arrived!
The main section is now being installed along the side of the future Food Truck Park.
Concept art shows this long section of Highline will have staircase and elevator access to the top, where guests can wine and dine with their food truck selections while watching everyone pass by below.
More sections laying in wait for installation.
Fathers Day weekend included various automobiles parked around the West Side.
My favorite; this car is surely headed to Wally World! I know Clark Griswold has to be around here somewhere! (Tuesday on the Blog we return to PI for the latest.)

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