Friday, June 27, 2014

Club Reports: Sound Bar, Tier Nightclub

Downtown favorite club Sound Bar!
 Supporting our local neighborhood AAHZ DJ's!  Dave Cannalte (USA) in the booth when I arrived!
Small contingent of dancers on the floor when I got there!
Cannalte taking turns with DJ Chris Fortier (USA), thus making it two-thirds of AAHZ.
But the music was House, not AAHZ.  Good stuff!
And the dance floor kept a handful on it but nothing like we see here on Saturday nights.
Visiting with his fans!  Cannalte of course was the Thursday night resident DJ at Mannequins on beautiful Pleasure Island!
Some more dance floor peeps. Kimball was here too but we're just not going to show him!
Moving over to next stop Tier Nightclub.
Formerly club ICON, Tier has thoroughly renovated the space and it's a pretty nice place now!
The opening DJ duo Sheen Boogie was mixing Top 40/Dance, Hip Hop, Latin.  I was hating it but knew it wasn't for long!
The place was jammed though and they were liking it!
DJ duo Project46 (CDN) took over at 1am.
The Vancouverites would immediately bring the music back to the EDM side!

 Only saw one person I knew in here.  And the "Keys To The City" security thugs walking about the place were as unfriendly as they were during prior visits. Which is why I don't go here much.
I really didn't stay that long here since I had to work today.  But it is my understanding that a good time was had by all!

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