Saturday, June 14, 2014

Club Reports: Independent Bar, Vyce Lounge, Vanity Nightclub, Vixen Bar

After consecutive weekends in Jacksonville, Toronto & Nassau, felt great to be finally back in Orlando!
Kicking off a Friday night at Independent Bar with resident DJ Indie John in the booth.
As this was the first stop, the dance floor was just beginning to fill.
The music mostly Indie with a bit of House.
Spotted in VIP: Orlando celebrity CJ chillin' with I-Bar Thursday night resident DJ Smilin' Dan.  Dan is a finalist for Orlando's top DJ in a poll currently being conducted by Orlando Weekly newspaper.  Vote here.
Spotted: Orlando celebrity CJ hangin' with Sarah of the Rollins Girls trio.
The club continued to crowd-up.
Couldn't find a sign yet for new club Vyce Lounge.  Vyce is in the location most recently vacated by The Fifth.
DJ Jimmy Joslin in the booth spinning Top 40/Dance. Joslin is also a finalist in that Orlando Weekly popularity contest.
Very crowded.  With no discernible dance floor, people that were dancing just kind of did it where they happened to be standing.
Not a lot of changes made from it's former role.  Tables that stood on the floor along this wall have now been replaced with raised VIP booths.
Moving upstairs to relatively new club Vanity.
Now you're talking!  CityWalk's DJ Leony in the booth pumping out House/Dance!
Dance floor was packed!
Spotted: Orlando celebrity CJ with DJ Dominick Morrison from Mannequins!
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
A real swinger, part of the Friday night "Madhouse" at Vanity!
Highly recommend this place!
Last stop of the night, Vixen Bar.
DJ Pranksta in the booth pumping out Progressive House.
Spotted: Orlando celebrity CJ with Devon and DJ Jade.
And on the small dance floor, a good time was had by all!


Anonymous said...

Good to have you back in O town. CJ was just everywhere you went. Good to see her also.

KingBob said...

Yeah, I kept running in to her. She has a lot of friends.