Sunday, June 29, 2014

Club Reports: Big Daddy's, Suite B Lounge

Starting my night off at Big Daddy's, home of Karaoke every night of the week.
First time seeing DJ Di on the controls and she's pretty damn funny!
Dropping by to see coworker Steve and his wife belt out a few tunes.
Frank Sinatra lives!

 Already pretty crowded during my early visit.

 Spotted:  Kristy and Nicole in the house!
Much less intimidating than CityWalk's Rising Star plus there's never a cover charge at Big Daddy's. It's located at the corner of Corrine Avenue and Winter Park Road in Orlando.
Time for some real music now!  NLP in the house at Suite B Lounge!
Arrived just in time to find DJ Matrix in the booth!
Matrix tag-teaming with DJ Beni Hill!
The dance floor was already pretty crazy!
And would continue to fill up over the coming hours.
A bunch of wackos I'm acquainted with, lol!
Spotted: The ΓΌbercool Devon with nice friend.
The music: Break-beats all night!
NLP MC Marybeth makes it all go down smoothly!
Star of the evening taking over at 1am, DJ Fixx (left) with a little help from illDJ Chris B.
Kicking the tempo up just a little faster and a little louder!
Lots of cheering and yelling and.....dancing!
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls.  A good time was had by all!

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