Monday, June 30, 2014

PI Update: More Concept Art Released

The Blog has speculated numerous times that this outdoor amphitheater-looking area under construction where Rock'n'Roll Beach Club used to stand was going to actually be an outdoor amphitheater. Note the circular cut-outs.
Well an outdoor amphitheater can now be confirmed thanks to new concept art that was recently posted at Pleasure Island.  Looks like Drey-C down there with his band! This amphitheater is wedged in a small area between The Hanger avaition-themed restaurant to the left and The Boathouse nautical-themed restaurant to the right and one can see parts of both in the art.  Also of interest, those circular cut-outs filled with palm trees, not good for sight-lines in my opinion. And notice everyone standing, not sitting. Looks good though!
Also posted on Pleasure Island (well technically, Pleasure Peninsula since it's no longer an island) the other day is this new concept art showing a park-like setting whose location really can't be identified from anything currently built.  Notice the factory-like smokestack.  Notice the waterfall.  An Island source told us this is going into a new area over near the Marketplace. Very nice.
OK, I think we've beat this High Line thing to death.
Previously released concept art gave us a good look at it.  It will be assessable by both stairs and elevator and presumably those purchasing food from the trucks will be able to come up here to consume.  Notice there are some tables with umbrellas at ground level too over near Village Lake.
This newly posted piece of concept art shows the food trucks down in Food Truck Park with a view looking over towards the High Line. No one seems to be carrying any food though.  We'll see how this thing plays out.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Club Reports: Big Daddy's, Suite B Lounge

Starting my night off at Big Daddy's, home of Karaoke every night of the week.
First time seeing DJ Di on the controls and she's pretty damn funny!
Dropping by to see coworker Steve and his wife belt out a few tunes.
Frank Sinatra lives!

 Already pretty crowded during my early visit.

 Spotted:  Kristy and Nicole in the house!
Much less intimidating than CityWalk's Rising Star plus there's never a cover charge at Big Daddy's. It's located at the corner of Corrine Avenue and Winter Park Road in Orlando.
Time for some real music now!  NLP in the house at Suite B Lounge!
Arrived just in time to find DJ Matrix in the booth!
Matrix tag-teaming with DJ Beni Hill!
The dance floor was already pretty crazy!
And would continue to fill up over the coming hours.
A bunch of wackos I'm acquainted with, lol!
Spotted: The ΓΌbercool Devon with nice friend.
The music: Break-beats all night!
NLP MC Marybeth makes it all go down smoothly!
Star of the evening taking over at 1am, DJ Fixx (left) with a little help from illDJ Chris B.
Kicking the tempo up just a little faster and a little louder!
Lots of cheering and yelling and.....dancing!
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls.  A good time was had by all!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

DTD Update: Now That's A High Line

As you know, they're adding the "High Line" at Downtown Disney West Side by installing a trestle similar to the above to recreate the feel of an abandoned transit line in New York City.  It will stand adjacent the new Food Truck Park and can be used by food truck dining patrons to consume their purchases.  There won't be any trains operating but did you know that Disney has actual experience running a High Line?
Yes, the Tokyo DisneySea Electric Railway operates real passenger service via a "high line" between stations at that theme park and it looks very New York-ish. I took these pics last Fall during my visit to that park and it was enjoyable to pass over the numerous attractions along the routing and end up in NYC.
 Meanwhile construction continues on "our" High Line at Downtown Disney West Side.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Club Reports: Sound Bar, Tier Nightclub

Downtown favorite club Sound Bar!
 Supporting our local neighborhood AAHZ DJ's!  Dave Cannalte (USA) in the booth when I arrived!
Small contingent of dancers on the floor when I got there!
Cannalte taking turns with DJ Chris Fortier (USA), thus making it two-thirds of AAHZ.
But the music was House, not AAHZ.  Good stuff!
And the dance floor kept a handful on it but nothing like we see here on Saturday nights.
Visiting with his fans!  Cannalte of course was the Thursday night resident DJ at Mannequins on beautiful Pleasure Island!
Some more dance floor peeps. Kimball was here too but we're just not going to show him!
Moving over to next stop Tier Nightclub.
Formerly club ICON, Tier has thoroughly renovated the space and it's a pretty nice place now!
The opening DJ duo Sheen Boogie was mixing Top 40/Dance, Hip Hop, Latin.  I was hating it but knew it wasn't for long!
The place was jammed though and they were liking it!
DJ duo Project46 (CDN) took over at 1am.
The Vancouverites would immediately bring the music back to the EDM side!

 Only saw one person I knew in here.  And the "Keys To The City" security thugs walking about the place were as unfriendly as they were during prior visits. Which is why I don't go here much.
I really didn't stay that long here since I had to work today.  But it is my understanding that a good time was had by all!

Friday Funny

Thursday, June 26, 2014

This Weekend In Techno Town

No AAHZ Reunion this year but you can have two-thirds of one with AAHZ DJ's Chris Fortier & Dave Cannalte tonight at Sound Bar!  Classic House.
Also tonight at Tier Nightclub you'll find Electro House specialists and DJ duo Project46 (CDN) performing.
Last Friday of the month and that means "Lost In Trancelation" night at Bikkuri Lounge.
Trance DJ's Suzy Solar (USA) & Somna (CDN). (FREE)
Suite B Lounge is home to the party of the weekend with DJ Fixx (USA) and many of the NLP DJ crew! Breaks! ($10)