Saturday, May 3, 2014

Toronto's The Guvernment Is Closing!

Sad news from Toronto. DJ Peapod (USA) writes us from upstate New York to report that one of North America's top dance clubs, The Guvernment, is closing next January!  The sprawling complex of clubs in downtown Toronto is currently ranked #38 in the world by DJMag readers; in North America it's always in the top 10.  I've partied there twice including most recently in 2011 when DJ David Guetta (F), pictured above, played there.  They're not closing due to lack of profits.  The venue is located on land directly across the street from Lake Ontario and it's just too valuable. It will be redeveloped into a commercial and residential project.  I might just have to go visit it one more time this summer.  More details from the Toronto Star


Belle said...

Yep they are going to build condos on the land in true Toronto fashion. :(

KingBob said...

Maybe someone needs to start a SAVE THE GUVERNMENT blog, Belle!