Wednesday, May 7, 2014

This Weekend In Techno Town

THURSDAY MAY 8  Sound Bar is the place for real House Music in Orlando and Thursday night they have real House specialist DJ Alex Niggemann (D)!  ($5)
FRIDAY MAY 9  If you didn't get enough infused energy from DJ Kimball Collins (USA / T) show in Orlando last weekend, he's going to give Tampa a dose of it this Friday night at Hyde Park Cafe! ($10)
SATURDAY MAY 10  First Orlando appearance since early 2013 from the unique Lil Jon (USA) this Saturday night at Tier Nightclub! Yeah! What! OK!  ($10)
Suite B Lounge is Orlando's home for Breakbeats and this Saturday night they have some male DJ versus female DJ matchups and you decide who is better!  ($5)
The singers behind the dance songs don't get enough credit and it's rare to see them touring on their own but this Saturday night Roxy Nightclub has Emma Hewitt (AUS) who has turned into quite the Trance vocalist. She might best be known for her vocals on DJ Chris Lake's (GB) 2008 song "Carry Me Away" which got a lot of play that final year in Mannequins.  ($10)

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