Tuesday, May 13, 2014

PI Update: Zooming-In On What's To Come!

A lonely dead-end walkway in Downtown Disney.
But it's home to this piece of Disney Springs concept art that centralizes on Pleasure Island / The Landing.  (And no, those are not new condos being built back behind it!) 
So with this huge piece of artwork in front of us, let's zoom-in with our camera to see what we can see!
At the West End, we see that PI remains two levels and that the Soundstage and Adventurers Club buildings appear to remain in place, although heavily rehabilitated.  Pedestrians will be able to take the high road through West End Plaza as in the past but also for the first time in more than a decade, come down the stairs and walk on a pathway adjacent Village Lake.
Across West End Plaza roughly where Comedy Warehouse was formerly located, new construction of the new steak house.  Notice that just like CW, the front is on the upper level while those pedestrians behind the restaurant are actually on the lower level of the Island.  No word yet on whether improv comedy will take place later in the evening after the diners have departed.
This is Mannequins.  The construction permit refers to this being a restaurant but still no details on what concept it will offer or whether it will offer a dance club aspect late at night.
Here we see 8TRAX, also slated to become a restaurant. I've heard a pizza rumor but I'd prefer wings!  Or how about a club playing 70's & 80's.  Would be packed!  In front of 8TRAX we see new construction located where Superstar Studios / Curl by Sammy Duval was located.
Across the upper pathway from Paradiso 37 in the foreground, we see that new construction that is happening adjacent Mannequins where Apricot Lane most recently stood.  Notice the angle that 3-4 new shops will increasingly sit away from Mannequins but then another building is wedged in the opening facing Raglan Road.
Lots of detail here in the area formerly occupied by Rock'n'Roll Beach Club and Motion.  At the rear, The Boat House Restaurant with the lighthouse we've been talking about for years.  Interestingly, this Boat House configuration looks nothing like the prior concept art still on display in DTD.  Closer to the front we have the newly announced The Hangar aviation-themed restaurant.  And in front of that, the Pleasure Island Water Taxi dock.
Far less detail provided once you depart the Island. I believe that's T-Rex Cafe near the foreground left and World of Disney towards the rear.  The rest is a mystery but mostly new.
And the view of The Observatory / Planet Hollywood building and new construction out in the current parking lots.  Come out to Downtown Disney yourself and check this out!


Anonymous said...

You know, all this money they're spending and all I really want is Mannequins back. This type of expansion would normally be great news but it's not. They can add all these restaurants and even offer entertainment but the main reason for coming to Downtown Disney; adult nightlife, is still missing. Anathema.

Anonymous said...

If you people had any sense, you would put Mannequins back as a dance and nightclub.
Also playing 70's 80's, or 90's music would pack alot people in for dancing and partying at 8trax.
P.S. I would'nt wait two years for people to go partying.

Ace said...

Some good points made here in the comments. 70's, 80's and 90's music is fun to dance to and appeals to a broad audience. Will Disney really leave this option off the table? Only time will tell.

KingBob said...

Disney will, but it's really going to be up to the vendors leasing the spaces. How they bring differentiated nightlife to their spots will be key in their success. If they pull another Splitsville, they're going to fail too.