Friday, May 23, 2014

PI Update: Ticket Booths' Days Are Numbered!

This is Ticket Booth #2 located at the front entrance of Pleasure Island during happier times.  Save Pleasure Island Blog roving reporter William tells us that the days are numbered for the two ticket booths (Ticket Booth #2 & Ticket Booth #3) located in front of the No. 2 Bridge to Pleasure Island.  The two narrow gauge coaches at this entrance once served on the fleet of the Fort Wilderness Railroad from 1973-1977.
Even with the clubs closed, the booths remained parked there and there was always hope that we would see their use again.  But in this January, 2010 Blog file photo, we saw that the data lines which ran from the office upstairs inside Mannequins to those booths were cut.  With that, it became obvious that Downtown Disney had no plans to use them again.

William on the Island last night shares this photo of Booth #2 now hidden behind construction walls. He reports that a window has been removed and a door is wide open. William used work in this booth.
A lock has been removed. It does seem that the trailers will serve no function at Disney Springs.
But close to 1am this morning, a stream of guests departed Pleasure Island and walked past the shorter Ticket Booth #3. I'm sure a good time had been had by all.

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