Saturday, May 10, 2014

PI Update: Return To Pleasure Island

There's nothing quite like that rush you get as you approach the No. 2 Bridge to beautiful Pleasure Island.  So let's cross over and see what's going on!  As you know, the large sign atop Mannequins no longer says PLEASURE ISLAND.
In the spot where Rock'n'Roll Beach Club once stood, the speculated outdoor amphitheater looks less like one than it did last visit but the balloon was not operating yesterday so air views were not possible.  At the rear, notice the new wall.
In the area where Motion used to stand, that wall is apparently the first part of The Boat House restaurant.
And a view of said wall from the other side.
Construction continues on the building that slightly behind where Fuego by Sosa Cigars used to stand.  Per the concept art, looks like shops will go in here.
Construction action outside Mannequins!
A new building is going up next to Mannequins, in the area most recently occupied by Apricot Lane and PI Live Bar.  Both those were demolished.
The concept art shows what appear to be a string of small shops facing Paradiso 37 along through here, beside Mannequins.
Interestingly, the new building does not abut Mannequins but there's a wide gap between buildings.
That's Celebration Plaza / West End Plaza down there past Paradiso 37.  Let's go take a look!
Lots of work taking place on the Plaza, which as most of you know is actually on PI's upper level since offices used to exist underneath.
Looking further on the Plaza over towards where Comedy Warehouse once stood.
A real adventure is taking place outside Adventurers Club.  But like BET, Mannequins & 8TRAX, there are no indications that interior work has begun on whatever they plan for the places.
The former Hip Hop / R&B club BET Soundstage is still here.  The concept art seems to show a repurposed building rather than new construction here.
And this is Mannequins Dance Palace, standing proudly at attention.
When the elevator gets to the 1st floor, it will reopen as a dance club!


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't that be nice. Was that wishful thinking or do you know something?

KingBob said...

No, that was an old joke used here on the Blog. After MDP closed the elevator stayed parked on the 3rd floor. Later it stayed parked on the 2nd floor. So I used to say that when it got to the 1st floor it would reopen as a dance club. Unfortunately the indicator light showing the floor has been off now for at least a couple years.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhhh! Okay, just like the elevator, it went right over my head. I was hoping you were trying to tell us something.