Saturday, May 3, 2014

PI Update: The Latest News

First off today we have a report from Save Pleasure Island Blog reader Bill R. who sends us a couple of update pics to share.  At Downtown Disney West Side, jeans store Blink by Wet Seal has closed and will be replaced quickly with United World Soccer, just in time for the World Cup. UWS already has a large store inside Florida Mall.
And he sends us this picture of what apparently is trestle construction taking place on the West Side near Bongo's Lawn, the future Starbucks and Characters In Flight.
The trestle, meant to invoke memories of an abandoned elevated railroad track line, will bring shade to the notoriously hot West Side while also serving as an unknown sort of entertainment area as pictured in this Disney Springs concept art.
Bill R. also reports that a manager at AMC Downtown Disney 24 Dine-In Theaters told him that they're thinking about turning their outdoor patio (pictured at the rear) into an entertainment area as well.  The theater has recently been providing beer kiosks adjacent the theater in conjunction with the live entertainment taking place at the so-called AMC Stage (foreground).  Apparently their bar sales are up significantly since entertainment was brought here. With that entertainment likely leaving and moving to the new amphitheater with this "stage" returning to use as a water fountain, providing their own entertainment is being considered.
It would be similar to Splitsville's use of their patio as a bar and live entertainment area, as pictured in this file photo above.  Big thanks to Bill R. for his report & photos!
Last night we also received a report for Save Pleasure Island Blog roving reporter William down at the Island.  This picture shows one of the former ticket booths amid demolition debris.
And the construction wall near Mannequins now extends across PI Bridge No. 2 and blocks the other ticket booth along with views of The Waterfront.  Big thanks to William for the report!

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