Friday, May 30, 2014

Dubstep Is Not Dead

Is Dubstep music really dead?  No, it's not and I think rumors of its demise are premature. But before proceeding I recommend that you read this Blog article from May, 2010 which introduced many readers to Dubstep for the very first time. It serves as a great introduction to the genre.

Dubstep has been around for decades in the UK and it will likely be around worldwide for decades to come. What has changed is its prominence.  It zoomed into popularity around 2010-2011 led by numerous DJ's but especially Skrillex (USA) and Datsik (CDN). I can recall attending a DJ night back then at Tabu Nightclub where many local DJ's were given a 15-minute time slot to impress the crowd.  Way too may were trying to be über cool and used their time to play Dubstep sets.  A year later we were seeing many Dubstep nights at Orlando clubs.  

All that has now disappeared and to the extent that it has, Dubstep's popularity has fallen off.  But the music can be heard in television commercials and it has impacted many House & Trance songs which now include elements of Dubstep. The genre's top DJ's remain very popular.  DJ Caspa (GB), who did a show at Vain Nightclub last Friday night, was recently interviewed by Dubstep website UKF about the rumored death of Dubstep. The UK magazine MixMag had an article about its demise too, here.

It's always been true that one person's music is another person's noise. It's especially true for music like Dubstep which sends people quickly in either direction. But to call it dead is just wrong.  In the meanwhile, enjoy this song "Shotgun" from DJ trio Yellow Claw (NL) ft. Rochelle (NL).  It's more of an Electrotrap song but the Dubstep elements can clearly be heard.

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