Thursday, May 15, 2014

DTD Update: DTD - SSR Causeway Update

As you probably know the Downtown Disney Water Taxi service is currently only operating between House of Blues and Pleasure Island since the Marketplace stop had to be closed and demolished to make way for the cross-the-harbor pedestrian causeway.
But this is the new replacement Marketplace Water Taxi stop that's under construction near the extreme northeast end of Downtown Disney, nearest the Disney Design-a-Tee by Hanes store and attached to the new pedestrian bridge from Saratoga Springs Resort.
Looking at it from the opposite side, the bridge is nearing completion and will allow those staying at SSR a slightly easier walk to Downtown Disney without having to walk all the way over to the sidewalk along Buena Vista Drive. This represents an estimated savings of 1.5 minutes and 50 calories per pedestrian, each way!
Just one of the many, many construction projects currently taking place at Downtown Disney, as you've witnessed on the Blog!

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