Friday, May 16, 2014

Downtown Update

Orlando Business Journal reports on plans by the Orlando Magic to get city approval for a new sports and entertainment complex in downtown Orlando across Church Street from Amway Center.  Phase 1 would include retail which would most likely take form as nightlife venues.  To be built where a parking garage currently stands, a later Phase 2 would go where Orlando PD Headquarters currently stands and would include a residential tower and hotel.  The complex would add yet another dimension to Orlando's growing evening entertainment options such as the expanded CityWalk, the Orlando Eye complex and whatever Disney Springs is going to give us.  Of course the Orlando Magic would not be building this with the intent of being unsuccessful.
There's Vixen, there's Vintage, there's Vanity and coming by the end of May is Vyce Lounge.  Located in the spot that most recently held The Fifth. Designed as a "boutique nightclub", their website describes floor-to-ceiling mirrors, LED lights and private curtained VIP booths. Expect DJ's playing EDM.  Looking forward to this!


Ace said...

The Vyce Lounge with "private curtained VIP booths" - hahahaha, oh, the possibilities. I'm not entirely sure why I found this so funny. Oh, yes I am... :)

Anonymous said...

if you put the same kiddie Djs in there that dominate downtown because they work for $2 and a bar tab, Vyce won't last long. There's just no substitute for an experienced Dj.

Anonymous said...

Disney, where is your head? I've already selected a Universal Annual pass this year over Disney simply due to this blog's misreporting that Universal's the groove was closing and Disney's Mannequins Dance Palace has remained closed. What's further more is I have elected not to invest in DVC because of this. (Which I was strongly considering for a family of four.)

KingBob said...

Ace, behave yourself!

Anon at 1:49pm, the V-Group has a history of using quality DJ's. Local names that play in their venues include Andy Hughes, DJ Knightlife, DJ Freefall, Dominick Morrison, DJ Leony, etc.

Anon at 11:21pm, the Blog did not misreport that The Groove was closing. We reported that there was a rumor that either it was closing or going to be completely renovated. Big difference.