Sunday, May 18, 2014

Club Reports: Independent Bar, Suite B Lounge, CityArts, Sound Bar

Another packed downtown Orlando last night thanks to a free Loverboy concert over near City Hall.  But I prefer my 80's at Independent Bar.
Resident DJ Indie John was in the booth putting out 80's New Wave hits!
Club was jamming!
Dancing to Talking Heads!  Same as it ever was.
Switching over to Suite B Lounge next.
Putting out the Breaks, DJ Gerry LaBarge (USA).
Haven't seen him play in a couple years at least!
Club was crowded but not packed.
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
Getting ready to come on and posing for Save Pleasure Island Blog, DJ Supernaut (USA)!
The Miami native has not played Orlando in awhile either!
And he immediately kicked it up a notch or two with louder and faster Breakbeats!
Spotted: DJ J-Dub & Christina
Checking out the scene!
Breakbeat girls!
Spotted: DJ Jade (Underground Sound)
90's retro rave look.  Love it, Itchyone!
And you can't get much closer to the Bass than this!
There were several vocal House tracks in the mix too.
Speaking of raves, one broke out last night in front of CityArts.
Paint bucket drums created the beat.
And people just going about their business had to dance!
The crowd grew from there!
Alright.  Time to end the night with some real House music at Sound Bar.
DJ Matt Tolfrey (GB) was already blowing the place up when I arrived!
Once again the club was packed!
Nothing progressive, nothing deep.  Just straight-up mostly non-vocal House!
Special decks brought in for the occasion.
First time I've ever seen the London-based Tolfrey play!
Spotted: DJ Ed Abisada (Sound Bar) on the dance floor with his main squeeze.
Nobody puts Baby Mary in the corner!
And a good time was had by all!

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