Sunday, May 11, 2014

Club Reports: The Castle, Green Iguana, Amphitheatre (Tampa)

Was over in Tampa last night which included a nocturnal visit to Ybor City and thus a requisite visit to The Castle!
Saturday night resident DJ Paradise (center) along with his tech were in the booth spinning Industrial.
A good-sized early crowd was already on the large floor dancing upon my arrival!
The club encourages you to dress up so the floor is always filled with goth, military, emo, superhero, fetish and whatever outfits!
I actually recognized a couple songs last night. Paradise also takes the music into Synthpop, Elektro, Powernoise and old school Goth!
Spotted a few people from Orlando too.
Including DJ Dem Rok (Independent Bar) drinking at the bar!
Next stop the Green Iguana.  Not the one in Ybor but the new one out in Brandon.
Resident DJ Santana on the boards spinning House music!
Ranging from a set of early '00's Classic Dance to pure House, the music was great!
But only a few clusters of patrons.  Santana had warned me ahead of time that the place would be on the empty-side because of Mothers Day weekend.  And I've seen the pictures and GI typically is packed on Saturday nights!
Typical of what we expect at the future Disney Springs, the pit is cleared of most of its restaurant tables later at night and the restaurant becomes a large dance club!
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
Last stop, the large dance club Amphitheatre.
Home of the only revolving dance floor that I know of, it was actually still revolving upon my arrival!
The Amp was holding a Pool Party last night.
Wasn't quite like a real pool party, but at least the girls were there!
Along with 3,000 of their best friends!
The music was all EDM!  But by this time the floor had come to a stop.  First visit to the Amphitheatre since coming over to see DJ Icey play this past February!
Only know a handful of Tampa DJ's so I'm guessing this is DJ Bizkardi in the control booth.
And a good time was had by all!

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