Saturday, May 31, 2014

PI Update: Construction Outside 8TRAX

Another visit yesterday where brisk winds or gloomy skies kept the Characters In Flight balloon ride from operating, so no SkyCam views in this article.  Instead we crossed the No. 2 Bridge to our beloved Island and toured on foot.
First stop to the east end where Rock'n'Roll Beach Club and club Motion once stood.
Last week we showed you the over the lake framework that had been built to support the over the lake portion if the new Boat House Restaurant.  (Formerly known as Classic Old Boats & Good Food Restaurant.)
Since then vertical framework for the building itself has gone up.  Notice up front the concrete construction for the rumored outdoor amphitheater where entertainment will take place.
The block wall was there a week ago but all the metal girders have been added since our last visit.
In our last visit this building was green from the construction materials being used.  The next layer has now been added and it's gone white!
This is roughly behind where Fuego Cigar Bar used to stand.  We don't know if this is going to be  yet another restaurant or multiple shops.
Exciting action in front of 8TRAX and the former Curl spots!
You know from our previous reports that the middle level of 8TRAX was demolished about a year ago.  You know from our report a couple weeks ago about the Disney Springs concept art that there appears to be a row of stores going in in this strip across the sidewalk from Paradiso 37.  You're seeing the walls and framework of what is being added in front of 8TRAX.
The Curl building was demolished completely and this is the building going in in front of where Curl once stood.  Again, the concept art makes these out to be new stores along the walkway, and this continues to new construction taking place in this same area besides Mannequins, where Apricot Lane most recently stood.
A new secret passageway has opened beside Raglan Road.
If you follow it there's an interesting Irish display in RR's side windows.
And it takes you back behind that new white building.
Past the still-closed but recently renovated public WC.
And it comes out into this former service court between Raglan Road and Portobello Country Italian Trattoria (formerly Portobello Yacht Club). The new main pedestrian pathway will pass through this area once construction is completed.  The secret passageway presumably will allow guests on either side of RR to access the bathrooms.

Meanwhile at Mannequins Dance Palace..............nothing.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Dubstep Is Not Dead

Is Dubstep music really dead?  No, it's not and I think rumors of its demise are premature. But before proceeding I recommend that you read this Blog article from May, 2010 which introduced many readers to Dubstep for the very first time. It serves as a great introduction to the genre.

Dubstep has been around for decades in the UK and it will likely be around worldwide for decades to come. What has changed is its prominence.  It zoomed into popularity around 2010-2011 led by numerous DJ's but especially Skrillex (USA) and Datsik (CDN). I can recall attending a DJ night back then at Tabu Nightclub where many local DJ's were given a 15-minute time slot to impress the crowd.  Way too may were trying to be über cool and used their time to play Dubstep sets.  A year later we were seeing many Dubstep nights at Orlando clubs.  

All that has now disappeared and to the extent that it has, Dubstep's popularity has fallen off.  But the music can be heard in television commercials and it has impacted many House & Trance songs which now include elements of Dubstep. The genre's top DJ's remain very popular.  DJ Caspa (GB), who did a show at Vain Nightclub last Friday night, was recently interviewed by Dubstep website UKF about the rumored death of Dubstep. The UK magazine MixMag had an article about its demise too, here.

It's always been true that one person's music is another person's noise. It's especially true for music like Dubstep which sends people quickly in either direction. But to call it dead is just wrong.  In the meanwhile, enjoy this song "Shotgun" from DJ trio Yellow Claw (NL) ft. Rochelle (NL).  It's more of an Electrotrap song but the Dubstep elements can clearly be heard.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

This Weekend In Techno Town

THURSDAY MAY 29  If you're out and about on a Thursday night, check out DJ/Producer Funk D'Void (E) bringing his Tech House sounds to Sound Bar!  ($0 - $5)
FRIDAY MAY 30  It's the last Friday of the month and that means it's Lost In Trancelation night at Bikkuri Lounge.  Resident DJ's Robb Blak and Agni host guest DJ's FreggOr and Osium for a splendid night of Trance.  (FREE)
SATURDAY MAY 31  The final night of May offers more choices and Breakbeat & Old Skool fans will find Rob E & Security (USA) playing at Firestone Live along with a variety of others on the main stage and side rooms. ($10)
The Groove is always great fun when they bring in out-of-town EDM DJ's and such is the case this Saturday night at Universal CityWalk. Tampa's DJ Tone promises a night of Top 40/EDM. DJ Rage opens.  ($7)
Gotta mention Sound Bar again for their Saturday night House music show presented by DJ Boris Werner (NL).  Resident DJ John Debo opens!  ($5)

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

DTO & DTD Updates

At Downtown Orlando, the bar One Eyed Jack's on Orange Avenue has closed.  It will be renovated and reopen in a few months with a new theme.  It was technically part of the Wall Street Plaza group of bars and was open for more than 20 years.
Next door neighbor Loaded Hog on Orange Avenue has also closed.  Because their website says that OEJ and LH are going to be renovated into something "bigger and better", there is speculation that the two venues will be combined into one larger club.
When the Hiphop nightclub Liquid opened in March, 2011, I predicted its demise would happen within a few months.  Well I've been proven correct but it took 3 years!  Liquid Nightclub is now closed. Prior failures at this location on Pine Street include Blue Room, Red Velvet, Voyage, Deja Vu Ultra Lounge and Zen Exotic Lounge.  Add Liquid to the list.

Moving to Downtown Disney, United World Soccer has opened on the West Side in the spot formerly occupied by Blink by Wet Seal. Not sure if this is permanent or just a pop-up store to stay open for the duration of the World Cup.  Either way, should do well.
And our sources on beautiful Pleasure Island say that the first Starbucks in Downtown Disney should open within the next week to ten days. This is the one near the currently-closed No. 4 Bridge adjacent Characters In Flight.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Mannequins Mystery

Is there a ghost inside Mannequins?
Close to 2am on a deserted Pleasure Island and there is a mysterious image in the upstairs window at MDP.  It's not a shadow from the old marquee sign.  Anyone know what that is?  I got the heck out of there!  Spooky.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Club Report: House of Blues (Downtown Disney)

You know the Sunday night Service Industry Night event at House of Blues is crazy.  But when it's a holiday weekend and a lot of people are off on Monday, it's absolute bedlam!
Just caught the tail end of resident DJ Richie Rich's (The Beacham) House/Dance set.
Sunday night resident DJ Magic Mike (USA) coming on around 12:30am.
Magic Mike was working off a new lighted desk with the giant "M" logo!
Club and dance floor absolutely jammed!
The "M" changes colors too.  I don't think that even Tiësto has one of these!
Awesome new lighting features brought in but I don't know if these are now permanent for the Sunday night SIN or just for last night's holiday show.
House of Blues is owned by Live NationLive Nation is owned by Ticketmaster.  They certainly got the bucks for this kind of quality!
Packed to the rafters!

 Another view!

 Spray downs!
Music was all EDM!
With short Latin and Dubstep sections.
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
Catch Magic Mike most Sundays at HOB and on Saturday, June 14 at Club V aboard Victory Casino Cruises at Port Canaveral.
A good time was had by all!

Club Report: Hogan's Beach Resort (Tampa)

Memorial Day weekend continued on Sunday evening in Tampa with a big DJ party at Hogan's Beach Resort.
Made up of a sandy beach area surrounded by tiki huts, the DJ stage was at the forefront.
A two hour lightning-filled deluge caused a rain delay.
Spotted taking cover: illDJ Chris B & DJ Fixx.
And when the rain finally let up, dancers were quick to get onto the floor!
Coming on post-storm, Orlando's illDJ Chris B.
Known for Breakbeats, he was quick to deliver same!
Chis is always into his music!
Post dinner break, the whole reason for coming over!  DJ Baby Anne (USA)!
She did not disappoint, continuing the Breaks theme for the most part!
She's way overdue to play hometown Orlando.  I don't think we've seen her there since last November at Firestone Live!
Dance floor stayed absolutely jammed!
Everyone was getting into her music!
Coming up next was Tampa DJ Nick Hogan followed by DJ Sidney Samson (NL) and DJ Lil Jon (USA).  Sunset Musical Festival was taking place a few miles away but the beachside ambiance at Hogan's was hard to beat and SMF did not have Baby Anne!

 Turn down for what?
Spotted: Wrestling star Hulk Hogan.
Spotted: Television reality show star Brooke Hogan.
And a good time was had by all!