Monday, April 14, 2014

XYtv on Royal Caribbean

Back to work this morning; my holiday is over.  Truth is that I never left my cabin on Vision of the Seas because Channel 42 on the ship's television was XYtv, the all music channel that mixed-in a lot of Electronic Dance Music.
Music like Paul Oakenfold's (GB) latest tune.
And Avicii (S)!
Groovin in the cabin with Daddy's Groove (I)!
Apologies to those in neighboring stateroom was rockin' to Electrohouse with Benny Benassi (I).
Even the ship's MUTS (movies under the stars) unit played the channel when it was not otherwise being used.  Interestingly, all the videos shown on XYtv were obtained from Orlando/Sanford-based Promo Only. Look for this channel worldwide on your next Royal Caribbean cruise!


Anonymous said...

Promo Only has been working that service for a long time. They also supply Universal City Walk with the videos they play on the circular Coke display.

Anonymous said...

Circular coke display?

Anonymous said...

The coke display is right where you split to go to Islands or to The Studios.

KingBob said...

I liked the channel. It's like MTV was a LONG time ago! No talking, just music along with a short station identification video about once every 15 minutes.